Weam Sindi

Graphic Designer


  • Weam Sindi is a graphic designer at Digitect. She transforms abstract ideas into visuals that are published on magazines, websites, and social media. Expect creativity and exceptional results when working with Weam.
  • Prior to joining Digitect, Weam worked with notable agencies such as focus Le organic, Jotun, Abduljawad and tasaru3. Besides, Weam worked at as a graphic designer and social media specialist at Abduljawad group, responsible for handling three accounts, as well as other notable brands.
  • Weam also worked with Yazen, Ranch, Ghirasalsahraa, Ancientarabians, Jude Hospitalities, Bab Rizq Jameel, Esnad and Zaika.
  • Weam is a bachelor graduate of advertising and creative design diploma of marketing communication.
  • Being the creative, free-spirit and passionate soul that she is, her quality time consists of several activities that boost her mood and break her imagination free.
  • Outside of work, Weam cooks, bakes, and reads books. She is also good at painting. These activities are her way of organizing her thoughts, ideas and get inspiration.