Sarah Al Makawi



  • Sara Shaker is an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE at Digitect with a previous experience in the digital and advertising field. Sara is dedicated to executing social media and networking initiatives and ensure it aligns with marketing techniques. She provides content for social media accounts as well as responding to client’s inquiries and comments.
  • Prior to joining Digitect, Sara was working in the marking field at Modern foods “Al Musbah Group”, (2019), responsible for planning, executing and monitoring marketing campaigns.
  • Sara was involved in various projects such as the traffic road safety poster for the general department (2018) and branding for Zaina hospitality group (2019) .
  • One of the many accomplishments she had was participating in the king`s visit campaign with Al Arabia OOH.
  • Sara is a graduate of creative advertising design at Jeddah college of advertising, (2019), university of business and technology.
  • Sara believes in kindness, positivity, and translates these values in her professional life. She sees life lessons as opportunities. She never loses; she either learns or wins.