Lama Qatlan

Senior Graphic Designer


  • Lama is a graphic designer at Digitect. She stretches the boundaries of creativity to tell stories through digital platforms to reach targeted audience and accomplish client desired goals. From Joyful to expressive artwork, her designs speak loudly and reflects her free spirit and kindness.
  • Lama is kind-hearted, straightforward, and confident. She will ensure you an intellectual, fun and exciting conversations.
  • She is a graduate of design and architecture visual communication department: Motion graphic at Dar Al Hekma University in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, (2019).
  • Additionally, she was a graphic designer at Recruit at SPTA organization. Human welfare volunteered with Deeds development consultancy.
  • Lama was trained at Rumman Company under Lub creative team, Destination KSA team where she worked on graphic and motion design projects.
  • Prior to joining Digitect, Lama was a full-time creative designer and a photographer at Naizak advertising agency. Additionally, she was a Jr. Art Director and animator at Cheil Worldwide Advertising company (Samsung KSA).

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