Bahi Qutub

Account Manager
Account Manager


  • Bahi is a content creator and marketer at Digitect. Bahi is dedicated to producing visuals and written content reviews to advertise products on social media. Bahi is an expert presenter with a remarkable record of working in the automotive industry.
  • Prior to joining Digitect, Bahi was an automotive influencer at, responsible for content creation, integrated marketing communication, coordinating with public relation agency, and presenting on social media platforms. (2018-2020)
  • One of his accomplishments is driving one of his favorite’s cars on a formula one track and making a review about it.
  • Bahi is a graduate of business at marketing and management university of Sharjah (2020)
  • Chris Harris had the most significant influence on his professional life, and one of his role models is Lewis Hamilton.
  • Bahi values teamwork and transparent communication. His quality time consists of family time, humming to music, and outdoor activities that unleash his adventurous spirit.